Process and Technology

Powder Process Technology

Superfine and uniform powder is the fundamental of ceramic materials. The level of grinding and deaggregation of 0.10~1.0μm submicron powder and nano powder smaller than 0.10μm are crucial to material performance, and parts stability, reliability and consistency. Sicer has a number of unique and independent technologies to ensure our technological advancement in the field of power process technology.


Molding Technology

Molding technology, such as green body balance press, isostatic press, semi dry press, four-axis machining technique, drilling and milling technique, all ensures the stable and consistent shrinkage ratio and blank size accuracy.


Sintering Process

Quasi rate sintering process and kiln pressure control technique can minimize densification residual stress and ensure the consistency of sintering level.


Machining and Assembly Technology

Our unique ceramic grinding technique, low stress grinding technique, high speed wire cutting technique, deep hole drilling and milling technique and four-axis machining technique ensure the accuracy of mechanical components. Special welding technique, bonding technique and thermal interference low stress assembly technique can achieve the reliable bonding between ceramic and other materials.