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Corundum Ceramics

Corundum Ceramics

     Application: crucible products can be used for non-metallic sample analysis and melt; corundum tube can be used in high temperature vacuum furnace, wire coil for heater and tin bath tube of float glass; corundum plate and pad can be used for powder metallurgy sinter.
  • Features
  • Specifications

Fusion tabular corundum as main raw material

Excellent mechanical property

Excellent thermal shock resistance

Acid and alkali resistance

Long service life

High working temperature(1200-1800℃)

Al2O3 content       97%
Bulk density (g/ cm³)  >3.8
Rockwell hardness    ≥85 HRA
Compressive strength  ≥950 Mpa
Fracture toughness   ≥4.8MPa•m1/2
Bending strength    ≥300Mpa